Month: April 2009

… parts …

I got a bunch of parts for my moped today. A new choke cable, new speedometer cable, new foot pegs, a new air filter assembly and some plastic engine covers. The new air cleaner is way more restrictive than the

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… TCB ..

TCB Takin’ Care of Business. I did a lot of moped riding around Portland this evening. I have decided to have Gus Elg over at Sky Onion master my record. He is an EWA native (like myself) and is now

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… ohhhh so close ….

“Outlaw” is super close to being done. I just have some minor tweaks to do to the outro and I might hit up the bridge in a few spots. It will be done this week! I’m tempted to just scratch

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… Outlaw vocal roundup …

I had a chance to blast through some vocal work for the song “Outlaw” this evening. I’m almost done with the song. There are a couple of spots in the second verse and a little work to do in the

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… Top Ten things to record to finish Bits …

Ok .. so here we are in April 2009 … and I’m still tracking my solo record “Bits”. I completed the song “Atlantis” today, which took quite an effort. The song ends in a cacophony of synth explosions and overlapping

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