… Top Ten things to record to finish Bits …

Ok .. so here we are in April 2009 … and I’m still tracking my solo record “Bits”. I completed the song “Atlantis” today, which took quite an effort. The song ends in a cacophony of synth explosions and overlapping vocal melodies combined with several layered guitar tracks. I’m happy with the results and I just have to move on to the next thing on the list.

Currently, I have ten more items on my list of things to record …

“Night Driver” chordal guitar feedback
“Combat” partial vocals
“Lost Luggage” partial vocals
“Outlaw” partial vocals
“Night Driver” partial vocals
“No Escape!” full vocals
“Warlords” full vocals
“Adventure” full vocals
“Demons to Diamonds” full vocals
“Demon Attack” full vocals

I’m going to give myself the month of May to get these things done. I have some other stuff going on, so it may be a close call. Vocals are tough.

I want this thing finished by mid-June.

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