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… Warlords vocal progress …

The vocals for the song “Warlords” are about halfway finished. It was hot in Portland today and the room I’ve been recording in is slowly starting to heat up. I’m hoping we don’t get some crazy heat wave and I

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… 65 jet & LL …

I pulled the 70 jet from the carb on my QT50 Yamahopper and dropped in a 65. PROBLEMS SOLVED. Okay … I don’t want to sound too cocky … but man my bike is basically a Ducati now. It runs

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… Lost Luggage vox …

I almost finished the song “Lost Luggage” today. I went through and recorded most of the missing vocals tracks … completed a few harmony sections … and found a couple spots I need to go over tomorrow to finish it

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… Yamahopper tuning …

If you asked me to take apart a carb from a two stroke engine two weeks ago I would have shrugged my shoulders. Now, I’m like a lawnmower repairman! I’ve replaced the air cleaner on my QT50 with an original

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… TCB ..

TCB Takin’ Care of Business. I did a lot of moped riding around Portland this evening. I have decided to have Gus Elg over at Sky Onion master my record. He is an EWA native (like myself) and is now

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