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Takin’ Care of Business.

I did a lot of moped riding around Portland this evening. I have decided to have Gus Elg over at Sky Onion master my record. He is an EWA native (like myself) and is now a fellow Portlander. He has been recommended to me by my friends Leb (Quiet Countries) and Kevin (TALKDEMONIC).

I ‘pedded over to his studio and we had a nice chat about my record. I think the fact that he has a large collection of strange audio devices helped convince me that he would be the right guy for the job. I think we share a similar DIY passion.

We’re shooting to master the record in mid-June. I have many things to consider:

Format – (CD, Vinyl, MP3)
Length – (All 13 songs won’t fit on an LP record … does anyone still buy singles?)
Song order – (I have a pretty good fix on this one … but … ?)

Man … I need to put a camera mount on my Yamahopper.

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