… ohhhh so close ….

“Outlaw” is super close to being done. I just have some minor tweaks to do to the outro and I might hit up the bridge in a few spots. It will be done this week!

I’m tempted to just scratch it off my list, but I need to keep it real. I’ll listen back tomorrow and track what I know I need to track in the next few days.

I also went through the song and cleaned up all the heads and tails of the waves to save myself that tedious job during mixdown. You never know what you were doing right when you pressed the record button … you may hit some transient waveform that creates a snap or pop. It’s best to just crop and fade all the tracks to be sure. Plus, when you have like 10-15 vocal tracks stacked up, the noise floor just starts to creep up on you, so it’s best to just roll out all that blank space and trim up your tracks.

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