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… started a band for “Bits” …

OK … so it’s no big secret that I’ve started a band to play the album “Bits”. It seems like the most logical thing to do; people want to enjoy their rock music LOUD and in a dark club where

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… raygun VST update …

Last summer, I had the idea to create a virtual instrument based on the sounds created by the toy ray guns I had as a child. While staying at home for Thanksgiving, I found the third and final toy ray

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… Glass Armanica VSTi 1.0 Beta …

Here is my initial version of the Glass Armanica VSTi. It is a sample based recreation of Benjamin Franklin’s rubbed glass instrument known as the Glass Harmonica, Armonium, Hydrocrystalophone, or Armonica (whew!). I ended up changing the name to be

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… Armanium sample sounds …

I made my first test build of the Armanium VST instrument. It has ADSR controls, a high-cut filter and a master level. Pretty basic. I think I’ll throw in a reverb module and call it good. I’m also considering contacting

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… Armanium VSTi complete octave …

I purchased some more wine glasses today in order to complete the Beta version of the Armanium Vsti. I now have a complete octave of discrete samples running from MIDI not C 72 to C 84. I think I will

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