… Armanium VSTi complete octave …

I purchased some more wine glasses today in order to complete the Beta version of the Armanium Vsti. I now have a complete octave of discrete samples running from MIDI not C 72 to C 84. I think I will release the single octave Beta soon. I have most of the basics completed inside of Synthedit.

I have yet to locate and tag the loop points inside the sample and that is an art in and of itself. Bad loop points can make a sample sound even more like a sample.

I don’t know if I will be able to reproduce the full range of three octaves. It may be hard to find Conan sized glass goblets to create the low tones. Nevertheless, this project will come to some form of completion soon.

I will also be heading back and pulling my previous three VST instruments out of Beta status and fixing a few little things.

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