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Moving the Prop

More progress for the music video for my new song “Combat” of the album “Bits”. I rigged up a moving propeller for my 1/72 scale model airplane with the help of my sister Shandra. I cannibalized the motor and electronics

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Let’s go flying ….

I built my “flying” camera rig today. It will be used in the “Combat” music video. I’m still trying to get the airplane to hold its position on the wire extension. It was built with some scrap wood, shelf brackets,

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… Combat video Stars …

I picked up these two models at the hobby shop today. They will be starring in my miniature movie for the song “Combat”. The red color is just a base coat – I got some olive green Testors model paint

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Toy Piano VTSi Beta Version 1.0

Here is my first attempt at a VST instrument. Toy Piano. I use it in the song “Kaboom!” off of my next record “Bits”. It was created from very clean samples I found here. It has a simple interface with

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Ancillary Celery – Outlaw character sketches

I blasted out a couple of 5 minute sketches today. I’m not known for my skills with a pencil, but I do enjoy drawing the occasional strange creature. Gideon proposed that the secondary or background characters in the music video

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