Toy Piano VTSi Beta Version 1.0

Here is my first attempt at a VST instrument. Toy Piano. I use it in the song “Kaboom!” off of my next record “Bits”.

It was created from very clean samples I found here. It has a simple interface with only ADSR controls. It is velocity sensitive. Each note is individually sampled.

It runs on MIDI notes 60-84 (C5 to C7) to simulate the limited range of a real toy piano. It is wonky and slightly out of tune.

This is a BETA so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. It works fine for me in Sonar 6PE. (Don’t throw it into anything super important…)

File Link (~10mb zip file)

Toy Piano

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One comment on “Toy Piano VTSi Beta Version 1.0
  1. androidboy says:

    Great sounding plugin. Has some real texture and depth to it. Good sound for my next scary-music recording.