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… Night Driver feedback …

I recorded some of the feedback tracks for the song “Night Driver” tonight … maybe half of them. I’m building up a chord a note at a time using my little five watt tube amp and a modified distortion pedal

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… AxeTrak vs. Grendel Dead Room …

I own two guitar amp isolation cabinets that are very different. I decided to record some tracks with each one to document their differences. The AxeTrak The AxeTrak is a very small little box that has a speaker input, an

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… Combat video progress …

I spent a good part of the day working on the guitar for the song “Combat”. Everything is sounding good and I feel like I figured out a way to divide the tracks and tones up so that it will

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Bitmo results (Blackheart Mod)

I completed the Bitmo mod today. It was pretty simple. Not too many parts. Like … hardly any parts. ~6mb Double click to play: (Shot with a Canon A640 and HV20) [ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn

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I have a black heart …

I picked up a used Blackheart 5 watt combo at Trade Up Music today. The build quality is great for such a inexpensive amp. I plugged it into my isolation cabinet and was pretty happy with the results. I have

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