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… AxeTrak vs. Grendel Dead Room …

I own two guitar amp isolation cabinets that are very different. I decided to record some tracks with each one to document their differences. The AxeTrak The AxeTrak is a very small little box that has a speaker input, an

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… Atlantian guitar track tests …

Today, I played around with various guitar tracking methods. I recently upgraded my audio recording application to Sonar 8PE. It came with a limited edition (read stripped down) version of Guitar Rig 3. I decided to test it out and

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… feeling isolated (Grendel Dead Room) …

Recording electric guitar can be a pain in the butt. Guitar amps that use tubes for their preamps and power amps generally need to be cranked up really loud in order to get a nice interaction between the pre/power amps

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… Demon Attack (the song) …

Demon Attack is the final song on my new record “Bits”. It is mostly acoustic guitar with some rockin’ electric at the end. I started out tracking with my Delta Blues 210 and a Danelectro Daddy-O pedal for just a

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Bitmo results (Blackheart Mod)

I completed the Bitmo mod today. It was pretty simple. Not too many parts. Like … hardly any parts. ~6mb Double click to play: (Shot with a Canon A640 and HV20) [ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn

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