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… Atlantis is DONE …

I finished the mix of the song “Atlantis” tonight. It was a tough one. There are quite a few things going on in that song … but at its core it’s just a rocker, you know … ??? So that

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… Demons to Diamonds guitar complete …

I completed final guitar tracks for the song “Demons to Diamonds” today. Only the vocals remain for that song. Yeah! I also finished 98% of the sequence for “Atlantis”. There is only a tiny guitar part left. After that, the

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… a tiny bit closer …

I recorded about eight seconds of electric guitar for the song “Atlantis” today. I’m just a tiny step closer to scratching that song off my list and calling it done. The sequence is 90% done and there are just two

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… Atlantean sequencing …

After several trips around town on the Yamahopper, I snuck away for a little while and got pretty close to finishing the song “Atlantis”. I’m not convinced that the sequence is done. I need to sit on it over night

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.- .- –

There is a repeating keyboard line that persists through almost the entire song “Atlantis”. I kind of envisioned it as a kind of throwback to Morse Code. I decided to translate the patten using the Morse Code chart pictured above.

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