… pipes …

I usually don’t write about work here … but today was exceptional! Exceptionally laaaaaame! When I came into work this morning, the main room was filled with large fans and dehumidifiers. It smelled horrible and it was deafeningly loud in the lab.

Either some Alpha Centaurians were trying to terraform the room, or something had gone drastically wrong.

It turns out that someone plugged a drain on the floor above the lab and intentionally caused a flood that leaked through the ceiling (for several hours) and rained down all over the equipment in the room.

Thankfully I didn’t have to clean it up; professionals were called in for that. Man … that sucked.

In other news, I started to put together the final pieces of the song “Atlantis”. I’m reworking the structure of the end of the song to be more punchy and dynamic. It will require some percussion re-sequencing and possibly another round of guitar tracking. I’m still holding steady at 16 items left on the “Bits” to do list.

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