… dwindling list …

Sixteen items remain on the “Bits” to do list. Five of them will be quite time consuming. I need to record vocals for five of the thirteen songs on the record … as in the entire song. I have plenty of sectional work to do on the rest of the the record but five of the songs have been waiting for me to take a crack at them (vocally that is).

This might slow down the process due to the limited time frame in which I am able to record vocals. It’s going to take some scheduling to make this all work out and I assume I’ll be sticking it together piece by piece (like I’ve already been doing) until I get to the finish line.

My guess is that I’m about a month out from the mixdown process given that in the next month I’ll have some serious family visitations and various other commitments.

After that, I’ll probably take a break for a week or so before I start to mix down. I may encounter little bits and pieces that require some recording attention here and there, but I created my to do list to alleviate the need to re-record a bunch of stuff during mixdown. Much of what I have recorded has been for the sake of flexibility (or redundancy) in the mixdown process. I can always turn a vocal section of 16 vocal tracks into a section of 8 vocal tracks if some of them are out of tune, for example.

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