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... hearing with ears ...

I was finally able to see a specialist today about my on going problem with my ears. I had my first hearing test since the fifth grade and it went okay.

They reported some hearing loss around 8kHz in my left ear which was surprising. I expected to have some loss in my right ear, considering I had a pretty bad ear infection when I was 19. They said my right ear was pretty much normal and within acceptable bounds with minor hearing loss due to years of playing live music. Nothing to worry about.

I’ve never had a problem with high frequency information on the left side, so this came as a bit of a shock. I think the headphones they put on my head were not even lined up with my ear holes. Coming from a guy who has spent half his life wearing headphones, I think I might know where they hit my ears the best. Those tests tones are awfully quiet and if the phones are not lines up correctly, then I’m pretty sure that could alter the test results.

Anyway … I’m going to do my own hearing test at home to see if my balance is off ~ 8kHz. I just want to test the relative balance between my ears. I’ll post the results later.

The good news is, although my ears have felt strange for about a month now, my hearing is pretty much normal.


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