… my VSTi plugins are in DTM magazine …

The three VSTi plugins I have made so far (Skdrummer, Sk-crooner, Toy Piano) have been picked up and are being distributed by the Japanese magazine DTM. I was contacted about six weeks ago by the editor. They asked me if they could include my instruments on the DVD that is distributed with the magazine.

Why not?

I requested a copy of the magazine in return and it showed up on my doorstep (literally) today. They wrote the address in a funny way that made it look like they wanted it to be sent to Arman Bohn in the city of Distropolis. I’m definitely keeping the label.

I thought they were just going to include the files on the DVD, but after flipping through the pages, I found some funny looking little guys on page 26!

I guess I’m famous in Japan now! I wish I knew what the little blurbs said …

Soon it will be time to bust out the wine glasses and start building the “Armanium”!

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