… Brain Games (lyrics) …

The song “Brain Games” stems from the graphically challenged and cryptically expressive game of the same name. It is similar to the children’s game “Memory” in that you have to match images. The Atari intermittently blasts strange noises at you to try and “scramble your brain”.

It works.

Studying Physics for the last three years led me ponder the nature of the scientific method on many occasions. It is has been the primary method of digesting, collecting and classifying human knowledge for hundreds of years. It works well for many things … and yet there are entire fields of experience completely beyond its scope.

It is one of the last songs to come together for my up coming album “Bits”. I am happy with the way it turned out.

You can listen to a rough mix of the intro to the song here.

Brain Games

We’re testing a way
->We’re testing the same way
We’ll give it a name
->We’ll give it the same name
Just seconds away
->Just seconds the same way
Our method explains
->Our method estranges

It’s time to diagnose
The hypothetical
To organize the world
To strike at the unknown
The function and the mode
Are formally opposed
Let’s isolate the truth
As far it will go

We’ll know
Once this theory is in place

We’ll know
Once this theory is in place

If your understanding’s so unclear
Test it out
And forget the mysteries that brought you here
If you knew would you really want to take this apart?
One … two … give it a start

Test it and

Once this theory is in place
We’ll know the difference
Once this theory is in place
No more resistance

Count all the little ones
The way of reduction
We need to settle this
The problem with the evidence

* repeat this portion of the experiment

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