Month: May 2008

… the sound of the Ray Gun …

I went back home a while ago and picked up a few of my old toy ray guns. These must be from around 1980-1985. I had three that I can remember and I brought back two of them with me.

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SK-crooner VSTi Beta 1.0

Here is the initial version of SK-crooner. It is a vocal synth based on the 8-bit “human voice” patch from the Casio SK-1. I loved this sound when I was growing up … very spooky and unnatural. Features include: Two

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… cloudy day in Portland, Oregon [timelapse] …

It was a cloudy day here in ol’ PDX, although it was nice and warm. I decided to fire up my still camera and shoot some of the nice big clouds puffing across the sky. Here is a little time

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why are pop songs always 3 1/2 minutes long?

When recorded media was first introduced, it was a novelty. The Edison Cylider, being the first practical distribution method for recorded sound, never took off. The 78 rpm record did take off, and thanks to its limitations, pop songs have

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… homemade USB camera shutter release …

Thanks to someone over on this website, I was able to convert a clicky pen into USB shutter release. It is designed for and works great with my CHDK modified A640. With some electrical tape, my soldering iron, some tin

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