Month: May 2008

… Combat shoot – day 1 …

I shot all day at the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club for the “Combat” video. The video is half live action and half stop motion. Today was “live action” day. We used my Canon HV-20 HD camera, and some non-brand

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… bombs away …

Jonah Sutherland and I tested out my new make-shift steady cam today. I took the model plane off of my “flying” camera rig, and attatched two cans of beans on the bottom as counter weights. In a not-so-steadycam fashion, we

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… stop motion fun …

I shot some stop motion today in preparation for the “Combat” video shoot. The HO scale tanks I have are really small! It was hard to rotate the turret in small steps without moving the whole tank. It’s on there

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… Slippery Focus Wobble [CHDK Script] …

“Slippery Focus Wobble” is a new camera script for Canon cameras with CHDK firmware. This new script eases some of the jarring motion of my previous focus wobble script. It slides from one randomly selected focal point to the next

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Two Play Color – Surroundings (2000)

In the fall of 2000, I recorded and mixed a band from Moscow, Idaho called “Two Play Color”. I got to know them all while living and working in Moscow. My previous band, Eureka Farm, played one of our last

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