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… how to make 8-Bit covers in 2 seconds …

I completed Synthlove (an EP of 80s covers sequenced on my Nintendo DSi) last summer. I spent many long hours on public transportation coaxing something that sounded good from the minimal capabilities of the Korg DS-10+ cart. Alas, another method

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… my work email signature …

This is my work email signature. I posted it to reddit today to much fanfare. Future internet historians may not understand the significance of this trite little bit of office humor, but I am currently bathing in my fifteen minutes.

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… time travel and “Cavern Creatures” …

Long ago … I would play this game on an Apple IIe computer at my cousin Ian’s house. It was called “Cavern Creatures”. The game itself was okay … nothing terribly difficult … with mildly humorous enemies such as Pac-Man

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… into the bowels of dell …

The following is a transcription of an ancient tome discovered at the foot of a dormant volcano in southern Italy. Its horrific depiction of a descent into Dell is believed to predate Dante’s tale of a similar voyage. The original

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… why I’m glad that I don’t have a tapeless HD video camera …

Yesterday, I remembered to get back to my music video for the song “Combat”. I set out to trim down the number of HD files in the project by eliminating the unused shots. In a classic move, I accidental deleted

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