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Tonight, Liz and I went out to the final film in the Northwest Film Center’s rooftop screenings. They showed “Superargo and the Faceless Giants” from 1968. They had live music before the movie by a band called Will Carpenter ‘s Towering Trees.

The film was an amazingly bad superhero movie from Italy. The hero (Superargo) is a retired professional wrestler that can fly and has psychic abilities. His spandex suit is bulletproof and he designs transforming cars on the back of napkins. He has a partner refered to as “the indian”, that can read peoples minds and levitate as well.

I was particularly impressed with how serious the film takes itself. Superargo is a total bad ass and doesn’t put up with guff from anyone. My favorite part is when the bad guy catches him and brings him to his hideout. He yells “PUT YOUR HEAD ON THAT BLOCK!” to Superargo so that he can behead him. But Superargo aint going out that way … no chance.

... the power of superargo ...

He just uses his mental powers on the henchman with the axe. One look from Superargo and he stops dead in his track. So the bad guy leader makes another guy try to behead Superargo. Ol’ Superargo looks him right in the eye and stops him cold too.


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