… Come Work With Us! …

Are you tired of your current occupation? Do you long for a true challenge and dream of adventure?

No Escape! Inc. is always looking for new, talented life forms to fill out our ranks. Our constantly revolving workforce keeps your life rewarding and fulfilling. Work with exciting new people in the human entertainment industry.

Our employees enjoy a fast paced, high stress environment with shifts lasting from 1 to 5 minutes. Exceptional performance is rewarded generously.

Two years experience in dodging, ducking and avoiding rapidly incoming projectiles
Rapid Mobility (minimum 30 frame pr second)
256 colors
Two years experience in 8-bit (verbal and written)
Hideous looks, sharp teeth and multiple extremities are plus

10-15 Zagnars a gamecycle (depending on experience)

*No Escape! Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We hire male, female, asexual self reproducing (budding ect.) life forms of any age and species.

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