… Combat video – 1st cut …


Here is the first cut of the video for the song “Combat” off of my up coming record “Bits”. You can stream it in HD by clicking on the HD link in the video or:

Click here to stream it in HD on Vimeo!

To watch the video type in the password: combat

If you have anything short of a stellar internet conection … let it stream for a while before you watch it so it doesn’t get all stuttery.

I have made it password protected to limit people viewing it until I get the final version locked.

The lyrics are can be read here.

I have chronicled much of the creation of this music video on my blog here. Just do a search for “Combat”.

The music in this cut of the video is not the final version of the song. The guitar and vocals tracks are a blend of scratch tracks and primaries. The song will be remixed and mastered before it is released as well. There will be a subsequent version of this video that incorporates the album version of the song as soon as I get it finished.

I am providing this so that people following my progress on the blog can see what I’ve been up to.

Let me know what you think!

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