Month: April 2008

The cosmic mistake and Digital Television

Goodbye T.V. static. You were a good friend. I’ve spent many hours toying with the rabbit ears on my set, trying to bring a good picture. Digital T.V. will be the end of you. Twenty years from now … people

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Let’s go flying ….

I built my “flying” camera rig today. It will be used in the “Combat” music video. I’m still trying to get the airplane to hold its position on the wire extension. It was built with some scrap wood, shelf brackets,

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… timelapse focus wobble script 1.0 …

I wrote a timelapse random focus wobble script today with some help from someone over on the CHDK forum. I was able to create a pseudo-random number sequence using a linear feedback shift register. You can see a patern develope

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Selections from Spain Polaroids II (2000)

Most of these are from our travels south, in a rental car. Granada, Narja and Tarifa. Colored filters in front of the lens on a early 1980’s Polaroid camera. A few of these were thrown into a microwave and cooked

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… Combat video Stars …

I picked up these two models at the hobby shop today. They will be starring in my miniature movie for the song “Combat”. The red color is just a base coat – I got some olive green Testors model paint

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