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… Combat stop motion – day 1 …

A loooooong day of shooting stop motion. Many things worked … some things didn’t (damn propellor!). I cruised through about 2000 frames today. Most of my scripts held up pretty well and I’m excited to see them play back at

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… editing Combat – day 1 …

I’ve captured and backed up all the footage from yesterday and started editing some of it. My initial guess was a 50/50 split between stop motion and live action footage. Now I’m thinking the video will have more stop motion.

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… Combat shoot – day 1 …

I shot all day at the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club for the “Combat” video. The video is half live action and half stop motion. Today was “live action” day. We used my Canon HV-20 HD camera, and some non-brand

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… Columbia Gorge Model Railroad test pics …

I went out to the Columbia Model Railroad Club today to do some location scouting for the “Combat” music video. It was good to go back and realize the scope of the place. BIG. There is more than enough material

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Carl August Johansen III

A year ago today I went to a memorial service for a good friend and relative of mine. His name was Carl Johansen. He was a soft-spoken photographer and musician that spent most of his life in Pullman, Washington. When

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