… division …

I have approximately 20 twenty song ideas floating around right now on two computers and an iPod. I’m starting to sort through it all as I rework some of the ideas and I’m thinking I might have close to two albums worth of material here.

… at least an EP and an album.

I know that one of the two things will be structured around having a drummer and a bass player on board, so I’m sifting through the mess and trying to imagine which ones fit that situation. Maybe I’ll lump together the more synthy/electronic ones and put out something with that kind of vibe to it.

I also have been working on a few pieces that will require classical instrumentation … so maybe that category will evolve or fuse with one or both of the other two directions. OR MAAAAAYBE … I’ll end up fusing them all together and put out some bizarre jazz/pop/classical/fusion album.

Naaaaa … April Fools Day was yesterday.

I really don’t know where it will all head. My drummer and bassist are SUPER busy, so I may need to plow ahead with an album of material that does not require them and save a pile of songs for when they can get ready.

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