… starting up another record …

... refresh ...

Here comes another record. I started writing a couple months before the birth of my daughter Nova. So far I have around 15+ song ideas. Some are mere fragments and others are close to completion.

I’m going to try and pull this one off as a more traditional rock record … and by that I mean it will be less orchestral (Bits) and more pared down. I have a bass player (human; not me) and drummer (human; not me) on board for this for the first time since “The View”. How exciting!

I’ve been writing the new tracks in Nanostudio on an iPod 4G and sorting out the details in the V4 Alpha release of Reaper. I plan on using my hardware synths as much as possible, but may have to trigger the occasional VSTi. I reeeeeallly don’t think I’ll be creating my own VST instruments for this record.

… more details to come.

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