… stuff I learned …

I have quite a collection of notes from my days of studying physics. I was never quite sure why I kept them … UNTIL NOW!

I’ve been working on the music video for the song “Brain Games” for several months now. It is a combination of animated gifs exported from a Nintendo DSi, video altered in After Effects, and hand drawn animation.

The stacks and stacks of papers covered in equations are going to make their debut as “additional graphics” in the video! The entire video is basically one big animated mess … so I need to figure out just where these beasts go. I have some ideas though.

WOW — in my quest to find my old notes, I thought for a moment that I may have thrown them out in some post-physics-degree frenzy. I WAS WRONG!!!! I hit the mother load in the basement!

I believe I developed some kind of human/microfiche ability as I attempted to crush entire chapters of physics texts in 1/2 a notebook page.


… and don’t ask me why it is neon orange. I think I though it would help me concentrate.

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