… Combat video released …

Watch the music video for the song “Combat” from the album “Bits”.
(Also youtubeable)

“Combat” was shot in HD at the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club in Portland Oregon. The stop motion shots where created with a CHDK firmware hacked Canon A640. I wrote some programs for my camera that you can see test footage from by looking here. Plenty of info here on how I put little electric motors in model planes … making little dollies … and other strange stuff. The making of the video is chronicled in detail on this blog … just start searching (above) or wander through categories like “video experiment”.

directed/animated/starring/music – Arman Bohn
“bunker” director of photography – Jonah Sutherland
assisted by – Liz Rousseau, Steve Watkins, David Adams, Gideon Klindt, David Miklos-Snyder, Jeremy Bird
Firmware – PhyrePhoX

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