… No Escape! – 1st cut …


Here it is … the first cut of the “No Escape!” music video that I have been working on since early last summer. There are a few small details that need to be adjusted and I have an additional scene that I will be adding into the movie (thanks Gideon!).

You can watch the full video in HD here … you need a fast connection and it is converted to 24fps from 30fps and looks a bit stuttery in spots.

I recommend watching the video above. It is the right frame rate and the resolution of the video itself is so small … HD is a little over the top.

Lyrics can be found here.

The song is the demo version that is currently undergoing some maintenance before I release “Bits”. I am providing this video so that people who have been following my progress here can see the (almost) end result. If you are interested in the creation of the video, just use peak around the site, or do a search for “No Escape!”.

Liz helped out on several shots doing some drawing and set design. Thanks Liz!

The video is password protected … you might want to try


Let me know what you think.

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