… demons to diamonds test #1 …

Click the image above to play!

As my music video for the song “No Escape!” rolls to the finish line, I am now able to reveal a top secret mystery project that I have been working on in cooperation with super-cartoonist Brad Kerr.

An animated music video for the song “Demons to Diamonds”!

We have been scheming for several weeks now … test drawings and animation sequences. The plot has been fleshed out (still TOP SECRET). The characters determined and several simulations have been run through our testing computer systems.

I did not compose or perform the awful Beatles cover in the clip above … and you might note that the T-Rex is missing his tail. My bad. Brad actually drew it … but I forgot to stick it on there.

And yes … the background is gross. Yes … it was slopped together in 8.2 seconds. This test was conducted to see if I could get a Dinosaur to hop to a predefined beat.


Stay tuned …

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