Robot/Nature (1998)

Here’s another early super8 movie. The first half was shot as a stop motion experiment in my living room. The fire is one of those chemical logs you get at the supermarket. It was all shot a single frame at a time before I knew about frame doubling (when you shoot two frames for every shot instead of one to save your time and sanity).

That strange object that dissappears before the robot was a electronic toy ray gun I had since I was six. I need to find that thing – it made some great sounds.

For the second half, Chuck and I went out to a park in Bellingham and looked for creatures to film. The snake was a plus. Watch for the bug that gets run over by the slug.

The film is really scratched up – it adds to the effect I guess. When I got the footage back from Kodak, I ran it through a new (and untested) projector. It chewed the film up. I threw the projector in the trash and kept the bulb.

After shooting the film, the little robot guy lived on the dashboard of the car I was driving at the time. It was a Chevette named “The Black Ghost II” and it look like this:

(not my picture)

I loved that car. It was the son of the original “Black Ghost” and was the best car I ever got for $300. It eventually died of a broken heart and bad clutch.

The music in the first part of the film is from this record:

I played this record every day in first grade.

The second piece of music is from David Bowman’s vortex trip in 2001.

So check out this wild and crazy animated adventure.


Double click the image below to play:

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