R.I.P. #HTS721080G9SA00

On Friday, the 28th of March 2008, we observed the passing of our friend Hitachi hard drive #HTS721080G9SA00. It was a good friend for almost two years of continuous and faithful service. It enjoyed rendering, audio recording, video capture and the decoding of the occasional mp3 file in it’s time off.

Although it struggled with a life long 8 meg buffer, it’s 80 gig capacity and 7200 RPM spin rate were quite top notch for it’s time. Not to mention a robust SATA interface.

The cause of death is uncertain, but a faulty windows installation may have led to its early demise. We hope it may continue on in the afterlife as a short term backup drive in an external home.

It is survived by one 2GB SD card and four external 3.5 inch USB 2.0 IDE drives.

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