… scratch and GIF …

... pizza ...

Yet another food item from the animated GIF laden music video for the song “Brain Games” from the album “Bits”.

I’m drawing all types of objects for this little movie and I’m currently on a junk food kick. Most of the items that I’m drawing on the DSi are between 6-24 frames long. I’m smooshing the whole thing together in After Effects in one ENORMOUS composition (36 times the size 1080 HD).

My work flow is as follows:

1) animate object on my DSi
2) export object as an animated GIF
3) import object into AE and drop it into the “landscape”
4) print out (on paper) the current landscape
5) think about an object that the “landscape” is missing
6) go to step one

The movie currently contains 218 different animated GIFS; all looped, repeated, pasted, flipped, flying, twisting and dancing around. I probably have another 50 or so to go.

There are a few hurdles I’ve had to overcome in using the DSi to achieve the results I want for the film. I’ll go over them later as I go into more detail on the project itself.


enjoy the pizza.

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