… 2600 …

I busted out the 2600 and (with some help from Brad, Cassie and Liz) recorded some game play footage from each of the 13 songs on the record. I won a round of “Warlords” and then Cassie killed everyone and took the next round. See you at the tournament —–>

I plan to have my C-64 monitor sitting on the merch table with a DVD playing the game play footage as each song is blasting away inside Ground Kontrol. I’ll have to throw the footage together in the next few days so I can drop the audio in on Wednesday night and have it ready for the show.

I’m not sure if I’ll alter or edit the footage in any way … it’s pretty much just footage of people playing these old games (sometimes rather poorly).

This will be going on as the Warlords/Outlaw/Kaboom! tournament is being video projected on the other side of the stage.


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