… Bits Album cover …

... Bits album cover - by Gideon Klindt ...

Here is the cover for my album “Bits”. It was produced by Gideon Klindt, a Portland based artist and good friend for many years. I couldn’t be happier with it.

That’s me … living out all my fantasies in space … the wild west … medieval times … wow.

The cover had to fit in with the concept of the album which has something to do with old video games relying on your “imagination processor” as opposed to the highly rendered and ultra-precise realism of today. Gideon and I worked from old video game manuals and cartridge covers from the Atari 2600. There were elements in the designs of certain games that I really liked so Gideon tried to capture that and I think he did a great job of bringing it into “our time” and still keeping it legit.

Thanks Gideon!

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