Humanidad Aterrorizado (1998)

My second film.

Shot on the same Yashica super8 camera as “The Long Winter”. The color effects were achieved by mounting a split color polarizer in front of the lens. I love the old Technicolor feel that it created in the footage.

The stop motion sequence was filmed in my mom’s basement. I was the cloaked figure, so my sister Auria was the camera operator for the shot. I must have done a terrible job of explaining how the shot was suppose to work so we had to shoot the dissolve sequence twice due to some communication breakdown. I was mad because I knew I was going to have to edit the film.

It was all shot in sequence based on images and ideas we came up with as we went. I constructed the robotic arm out of some Robotix of mine from when I was a kid. Auria ran the arm from off camera.

Jenny had to be wrapped from head to toe in tin foil and I think she ended up wanting to kill someone by the end of the day.

This pond was just down the hill from the chicken-coop that Adam and Auria were living in and Jenny and I eventually moved into. It was also very close to the barn from “The Long Winter”.

I edited the film by physically cutting each scene out, hanging it on a clothesline, and taping it back together

I tried various songs with the movie until one day I realized that it was the same length as the song “The Mule” off of the Eureka Farm album “The View”.

The final animation was created to use up the end of a roll of film. The music is by Raymond Scott.

~40mb … so let it stream for a bit before you start.

Double click the image below to play:

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  1. this is quite awesome, but you already know that. I have no idea why, but I burst out with some big ol belly laughs when mr. robot arm hauled his prize out of the water.

    Pulling out The View right now to listen to it again ….

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