Arranger - title screen

What is Arranger?

Arranger is a musical/adventure/rpg that combines elements of classic video games with a large, open game world. Players scour the land of Musica in search of 16 instruments and 8 chalices in a quest to become the next king of the realm. The game was created by Arman Bohn and published by Ayopa Games.

The game consists of 9 different worlds to explore. Each world contains a song to “arrange” for a character that needs some musical assistance. There are a huge number of minigames that must be completed to unlock instrumentschalicesitems and new areas. Twenty four of the minigames can be unlocked and replayed competitively on Game Center leaderboards.

How do you arrange music in the game?

In Arranger, you find and unlock new musical instruments by playing minigames. Smash yucky fleaks or toss rainburgs into hungry mouths and maybe you’ll be rewarded with a shiny trombone or slick synth. Certain citizens of Musica will ask for some musical assistance. To arrange music for them, you chose 3 instruments from your current “repertoire”. Each character will react differently to your selections, so chose wisely! Once you have selected your instruments, you must enter the listener’s mind and blast away at their glowing cortex! Use the unique properties of each instrument to your advantage and convince the listener that you arrangement is good!



Do I need to find specific instruments to arrange certain songs?

Nope. The game is designed so that you could potentially collect all 16 instruments before attempting to compose a song for someone. Each instrument has unique properties (flame throwing saxophone, laser blasting guitar, bomb tossing tuba …) so it’s best to have a good arsenal … er … collection before you try to “convince” a listener that your arrangement rocks. If you would like to replay any of the songs you have completed, you can always head back to the Music School and rearrange them with any instruments that you have in your “repertoire”. In all, there are over 5,000 possible musical combinations in the game!

How do I win the game?

Once you have searched the kingdom of Musica and collected all 8 chalices, you must return the king and prove yourself as a worthy arranger.

What inspired you to make this game?

I grew up playing old school games like “Space Quest III”“The Legend of Zelda”, and of course “Adventure” on the Atari 2600. I wanted to combine my favorite elements of these games and add in some modern touches (fast re-playable minigames, quest logs …). Arranger is my tribute to an era of gaming that painted in broad strokes and big pixels … and players had some room to use their imagination.

How can I purchase/play the game?

Arranger will be available in November 2012 on the iOS App Store for devices running iOS 4.3 and higher. I am currently looking into supporting other platforms.

Is the soundtrack available?

The soundtrack will be available soon from Distropolis Records.

Who made that sweet icon?

Gideon Klindt.

This game is pretty big. Is there a walkthrough somewhere?

Check back soon!